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Holistic Health Coach

Carolina Bolivar is a professional Holistic Health Coach and received her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where the knowledge of traditional philosophies is combined with modern concepts and various dietary theories.

Before becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Carolina struggled with her weight throughout her adolescent years. Although it was a challenging journey, she made the commitment to accept the difficulties that come with change. It was her motivation that helped push Carolina through every obstacle and milestone.

After losing 140 lbs, the confidence she felt during her weight loss journey made a huge impact on her life. Carolina discovered her passion for wellness, fitness, relationships, love and… food! It was her new-found interest in leading a healthier lifestyle that she realized the real effect wellness had on her life and those around her. 

“I feel very happy with the way I look. I love, accept, and honor my body. I have the right to feel beautiful and enjoy it.”

Carolina’s mission was clear – to help improve the health and happiness of her clients, and transform the world for those who aspired to make a change.

Carolina strongly believes everyone deserves to experience wellness and happiness through nutrition, fitness, and balance. Creating a bigger connection with oneself by taking charge of one’s health is the key to finding that balance. Once that connection is made, finding your purpose becomes more evident.

Carolina is currently working as a Wellness Consultant, and is the former owner at Mandolino Restaurant in NYC.

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