Powerful, loving, and grateful, Nadia W. Sierra Mercedes | Latinas en New York

Meet Nadia W. Sierra Mercedes an independent Banking professional with 15+ years of experience in her field. Her background encompasses International Business Development and Management, with a solid experience in Corporate and Investment Finance, Private Banking, and Portfolio Management.

Her successful experience in finance and marketing is supplemented by an MBA in Computer Sciences and International Business from New York University.

Nadia has served as a Corporate Business Liaison between Latin American companies seeking access to the U.S. and International capital markets and American companies wishing to invest in them. She shares her high level of expertise with corporations in her native country, Dominican Republic, where she helps these firms expand their businesses.

As a highly motivated and top performing professional, Nadia fosters and maintains positive relationships with high-profile clients and oversees the preparation of project reports, helping them grow their businesses by creating strategic alliances.

She also works to establish short and long-term planning sessions with business partners to improve business processes and prioritize investments in processes, people, applications, services, and infrastructures. Aside from establishing her career as an independent banker, Nadia also serves on the Executive Board of the “Dominican Women Chamber of Commerce” (DWCC).


She is currently active, locally and globally, in several charitable organizations such as “La Casa Rosada,” a home for orphaned children in the Dominican Republic, and “Incarnation Children’s Center” in New York City.

Nadia W. Sierra Mercedes is fluent in Spanish and English, with an intermediate proficiency in Arabic and Italian.


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