Be Inspired By Kenia Nuñez’s Healthy Mission

Kenia Nuñez a Savvy Widow reveals how we all can achieve meaningful balance in the chaos.

Kenia is a holistic health care coach that focuses on self-care from the inside out. After 20 years of working in corporate America, Kenia left what was comfortable to pursue her passion of helping other women find a meaningful balance in the chaos of it all. After her 37-year-old husband had been diagnosed with cancer in 2012, Kenia became passionate about wellness. Just 18 months later, he lost his battle.

Kenia is the author of the life-transformative book, “Surrendering: When Pain is Transformed into Extraordinary Blessings”, where she shares her thought-provoking story of being a young widow with three children. Her refreshing perspective on love, forgiveness, and surrendering is inspiring.
Kenia’s mission is to spread awareness of the tremendous power of self-care, and the positive effects that it has on an entire family, community, and the world. Kenia’s belief is that self-care is a form of self-preservation. Through her self-care system SavvyMe, she passionately teaches women how to align their mind, body and spirit using the seven steps that helped her transform herself from powerless to empowered. Whether it’s through virtual coaching, women’s retreats, writing, speaking engagements or one-to-one encounters, Kenia’s greatest passion is teaching women how to reclaim their life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – one fabulous day at a time.

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