Rosa Spence | Cubanitarians Inc.

She is featured in | Women Entrepreneur Wednesday WE NYC: Rosa Spence
Business Name: Cubanitarians Inc. and Sarria-Spence Enterprises LLC
Location: Bronx, NY Photographer: Deneka Peniston
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Rosa Spence

“My family is from Cuba and I currently live in the Bronx. I’m the first American born in my family. I have two businesses: Cubanitarians Inc. and Sarria-Spence Enterprises LLC. In 2013, I went to Cuba and I saw the deteriorating conditions of the homes, schools, and buildings. My family members would call me asking me to send them over-the- counter-medications, soap, toothpaste…things like that. I always dreamed of going to Cuba and making a difference for the people there. I said to myself, ‘someone has to do something about this and that person is me.’ That’s when I created Cubanitarians Inc. Our vision is to bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds to create a new alliance to empower the Cuban people to thrive. I started my second company because as a child, I would watch my dad plaster walls, set tiles, mix cement and I found it fascinating. Sarria-Spence Enterprises LLC, is a construction company that transforms the homes of people who are disabled. In 2010, I was diagnosed with an occupational disease and there are moments where I am unable to walk. I know how difficult it is to not be able to get around your home with ease. I want to make a difference for people like me. My husband is a skilled carpenter and I told him, ‘let’s take a risk and create our own company.’ Now, we’re in the start-up stages!”