The Confessions of a New Latina Blogger-Part One

The Confessions of a New Latina Blogger – Part One

Where do all these words come from?

So, I am seven months into creative writing – – content  writing [blogging] for my very first blog: The Bitchy Business Briefs. What a great title, huh?!

Today, I had an epiphany that just because I’ve been journaling for over twenty years, does not qualify me to be an excellent writer or a splendid blogger.

As a lonely teen in the 80’s, I began journaling to ease the pain of insecurity. You know, writing down ideas and basically talking to myself on paper.  No one every told me, “Hey, why don’t you go write down your feelings and frustrations in a notebook?”  I just did this one afternoon my freshman year in high-school.  This ‘activity’ has stayed with me pretty much my whole life.  I have countless spiral notebooks and journals in my office.

SHARONSo check this out: [ I had no idea… ]  According to an article in – – The Benefits of Journaling for Stress Management is a term coined for the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of one’s life.  Journaling, as a stress management and self-exploration tool.

Dad was in the U.S. Army, we traveled a lot.  I experienced attending 8 different schools in twelve years. Crazy, organized chaos every time I had to check into a new school; especially during the middle of the day.  There is nothing more terrifying for an insecure girl to have to walk into a classroom during 3rd-period Biology…all eyes on you as you are announced in the front of the class. “…let’s welcome our new student everyone.” Just hearing this made me want to disappear and melt into the floor like an ice-cube on a hot summer day.

That afternoon in East Los Angeles, Calf. [during lunch], under a tree, I sat alone at my new high school …that was the day I began writing in my journal.  Little did I know how important my new spiral notebook; that was freshly purchased earlier that morning from the local drug store on my commute to my new school would

rescue me and become my security blanket to write down my experiences, my feelings…thus, a writer was born.

We find ourselves in environments where we don’t feel welcome. ~ Linda Alvarado, Owner of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team,President – CEO, Alvarado Construction, Inc

Fast forward a few years… I received an uber cool opportunity when I was a sophomore in high school living in Portland, Oregon attending Centennial High School. The local television station KATU-ABC offered me an internship to write and be mentored by one of their journalists.  You can imagine my joy and excitement! …Unfortunately, my parents decided to move back to Corpus Christi, Texas and I was not able to begin that journey.  This just strengthened my insecurity.  I thought , I would never become a writer or a journalist. I was devastated.  Moving back to South Texas sucked [to me].  It was the debacle that created a dislike for returning to this small city that was like going back in time… on so many levels.


What people are ashamed of usually makes a good story.    ~Scott Fitzgerald

Writing Quote - Getting Better at Writing

Fast forward to today… I am no longer that insecure teen!  I have conquered so many struggles to become who I am today. Can you tell by the title of my blog?  Who would’ve thought The Bitchy Business Briefs would be created and produced by a Latina who was insecure during her teens?!  I created this microblog for out-of-the-box thinkers, dreamers, thought leaders, creators, action takers, and savvy entrepreneurs who want to become kick-ass persons of value.

I  am still learning [and probably will always be] about how to write creatively in order to capture my reader’s attention, bring value to them, inspire them and most importantly have an undeniable connection and courtship with my readers.  I want to write fierce and yummy content that bridges this digital relationship we have and influences my readers to  become the best version of ‘themselves’ and share my stories [my blog] with another human being.

This engagement takes the typical construction of boy/girl meets content…to boy/girl follows my blog then falls in love with my content.  Keep in mind, boy/girl must be attracted to my writing and trust my writing.  This comes from a vulnerable and raw place inside me.  As a female, [Latina writer] I want to give people real inspiration, a great idea, a good laugh, something to think about and share an experience that will let them know they are not the only person in the world who is misunderstood or who has a behemoth situation to overcome!


How odd, I can have all this inside me and to you it’s just words. ~David Foster Wallace

Just for some fun and to give you a glimpse into the mind of real life blogger — content writer, here are some of my actual thoughts from today….

  • When is my 7-year old going to stop bursting into my office to tell me he is going to poop?! …Just go poop damn it!
  • What the hell was Kim Kardashian thinking when she took her naked selfie? But the bitch looks good!
  • Is my coffee in the microwave? ..where did I leave my coffee mug?!
  • Why can’t the words just come to me?…the idea is there…but damn it, the words are missing – – where did I leave the words?  …and where did I leave my car keys?!
Keeping Your head in the game

Tomorrow, I will post [Part Two: Confessions of a New Blogger].

I will give you a few of my secrets I use to get my writing done and to ensure it is polished, published and well-received by my readers.

Excellent writing isn’t just another one of those things that I do.  It is a matter of survival and growth.

If you are thinking about becoming a writer, a journalist, or a blogger, you’ll want your craft to survive the messy noise inside the world-wide-web and you’ll want your writing to grow [flourish].  I will tell you how to come to the blank page not with a mouse and keyboard, but also with a knife . . . and the courage to use it.

ask Bitchy Business #159

More on how to do this tomorrow.

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