Nora Stallworth

Fashion Stylist Nora Stallworth

Nora Stallworth,

An F.I.T educated Fashion Stylist with 10+ years of experience. She creates a “WOW” factor style results for women. She is eager to help women look fabulous, feel confident, exude power, discover their ” WOW ” factor and potentially find their soul mate. She is a passionate image-maker, able to create a unique style for each of her clients thanks to a keenly skilled eye and ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

She has been a Stylist, Market Editor and or Assist Stylist for several notable celebrities including: Liza Minnelli, Kelly Rowland, Mary Mary, Christina Milian, Monique, Bria Murphy, Vanessa Williams, Jill Scott, Keri Hilson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Legend, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Lebron James, Duane Wade, Charles Barkley & more. Her styling talent helped me to add several TV credits to her bio, including assistant stylist for the show What Not to Wear and Lead Stylist for Chef Wanted — a popular highlight on the Food Network, starring celebrity Chef Anne Burrell. She has helped to craft the images of several artist who have performed on shows such as: The Grammy Awards, Video Music Awards, Fashion Rocks and The B.E.T Awards. She achieved a great deal of success early in her career but she knew there was something missing. She realized that what she really enjoyed beautifying everyday women aka “the average Joe”. She decided to reinvent herself and begin her ultimate entrepreneurial journey. She has recently launched her fabulous website- , which serves as hub for all things fashion. Ilove2style offers: Sizzle with Style Parties, Workshops, Consultations, Personal Shopping services, Closet Revamps, and ultimately products etc. She is currently an Ecommerce Stylist at Ebay where she styles on-figure, off-figure and advertising campaigns daily.

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