New Year Resolution 2016

I am not that good at sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

I usually make mine at the tennis court. I’m typically hitting down a few backhand shots on my tennis partner, feeling like I’m on top of the world or “The Williams Sisters” and all of a sudden I’m inspired to crush it in my career in the upcoming year. Come on ladies!

“Let’s make some New Year’s resolutions!”

The problem is that I usually forget my resolutions about a month later.  #Flop

Seriously, if you asked me what my New Year’s resolutions were last year, I would say, “I have no clue.”

That’s why I’ve decided that this year is going to be different. I’m going to write my top 10 resolutions for the year and post it on the internet for the world to see.

Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions that can help you better your careers in the upcoming year:


Resolution #1: Be positive and optimistic. Realize that most projects really will work out. And that most people really mean well, and come to their work with the same good intentions you do. Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by ignorance and accidents. Smile, a lot. Joke. Be happy. If you’re working and supporting yourself, if your career is moving forward, there’s a lot to be happy about.

Resolution #2: Learn one skill deeply this year

Instead of trying to be amazing at three skills this year, try choosing just one. Don’t try to boil the ocean.

Resolution #3: Build one new habit by sticking to it

Perseverance and practice are a beautiful combination. They lead to mastery.

Resolution #4: Start doing

This is your life. Don’t wait for permission. Stop over planning and start doing.

Resolution#5: Have an accountability partner– This year, you’re my accountability partner. Yup, the internet. That’s only because I’m making my new year’s resolutions public. But if you’re not comfortable with that kind of approach, try this instead: share your New Year’s resolutions with a friend, family member or coworker.

Resolution #6: Say No.

I get it. You want to be nice. You want to help everyone.

But here’s the thing: You can’t always be the hero. Sometimes, the more you take on, typically the less effective you will be. Especially in work.

Instead of breadth, focus on depth. Be awesome at a few things and learn to master them.

Resolution #7: Get Educated

The fact is you don’t have to spend six figure to get a great education. There are so many online resources to help you become an expert in a respected field that can further your career.

Want to figure out the answer to a question from top experts with real life experience? Simply Google it.

You’ve got a wealth of information sitting right in front of you. Use your fingertips and go make it happen!

Resolution #8: Find a mentor

Don’t settle for any mentor though. Find the best one that can really help you grow.

For example, when I was at D1, I reached out to the most knowledgeable engineer on the team and would meet with him sometimes stayed overnight working on systems issue to enhance my own skills. When I started my first e commerce company, I had regular meetings with a good friend that had built a successful online company before.

Want to know what happened in both examples? At D1, I went from being an individual backfill engineer to a dedicated team engineer specialized in a variety of systems and adding trainer mentor to my list of skills in less than two years. I am now the founder of two online companies.  In both cases, I did way better after having mentors.

A lot of people have already found out the recipe to success. You don’t need to recreate the wheel.

Open you mind. Learn from them.

Resolution #9: Make your goals very specific – It’s harder reach those goals when your New Year’s resolution is vague.

Here are some examples of vague goals: I want to be in really great shape. I want to be better at work. I want to learn a new language.

Here’s a tip: Be specific.

Here are some examples of specific goals: I want to reduce my cholesterol levels by 10%. I want to become an engineering manager within 12 months. I want to learn how to speak Spanish fluently so that I can hold a decent conversation with my Latinas friends.

Get down to the details and it’ll make it easier for you to map out a plan to get to our goals!

Resolution #10: Celebrate your wins – As you make progress on your goals, make sure you take a moment to celebrate your wins.

Send yourself an e-card.

Sing out loud to your favorite song and dance around like no one’s watching  o….

“hasta la cinco e la mañana :-)”

Post a celebration photo on Instagram of your weird self with crazy amounts of hashtags.

Enjoy a nice Latin dinner. Or steak. Or grilled veggies. Or whatever you like to eat.

Yell out from the rooftops…yes! yes!I made it!

Because you know what, being awesome deserves a lot of love.


So now that you have 10 New Year’s Resolution ideas, the question is…

What will you do next?

You have the knowledge. You have the desire. You have the opportunity.

Get started. Now.

Because you owe it to yourself damn it! …to live the best life possible.

Blessings! Enjoy the fun and network join the group conversation  LENY :  CLICK ME!